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Microsoft Word Features That I love

Microsoft Word Features That I love

Microsoft Word is the best program for writing. It provides me numerous options to work with in order to build my paper. The endless choices to choose, from designs to references, is what makes writing papers a breeze.


It is equipped with pre-made formats that gives me options on what type of document that would best work with my paper. There are formats that fit for what ever type of papers I would need to hand over, from resumes to research paper formats. It also let’s me choose designs for my document, changing the looks of a plain paper to a more appealing look. I can place borders, watermarks, page color, and change paragraph spacing. It also gives themes to work with that suits best with my paper. Layouts give more flexible options on how I want my paper to look. It provides settings where I can edit margin sizes, the size of the paper, aligning my content, and pick the number of columns I can place in my document without hassle.


With Microsoft Word I am exposed to easy access to tabs in the program that can help me build in editing my document. Everything is laid out with choices that can assist me while making my paper. Provided with many font styles and editable font sizes, I can control how large my content would look and also give the font a design that I want. The numerous choices I can get that coordinate with how I would want my paper to look. I get to view my document to see how it’s arranged and its appeal before printing or posting my content on a webpage. I can clarify my content page by page with the help of zooming in, checking the measurements, and arranging the pages in order.

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