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6 Creative Excel Ideas

6 Creative Excel Ideas

Have you ever created a unique Excel worksheet that you can be proud of and thought that no one can come close to what you did? Well think again. These creative ideas are worth checking out and it might put our worksheet to shame or probably not. Come to think of it, these creators might just be bored during work or they’re simply genius.

Here are the top 6 Excel ideas: 

1. Excel Birthday Candles by Krisztina Szabó

No cake? No problem. Send this to your office mate and let them blow it if they can.


 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Hoguemr

That's right...TMNT on Excel spreadsheet. Don't expect them to do crazy ninja moves though. 


3. Play Tetris in Excel by Hamish and Andy

One of the most addictive games ever created. I can remember my uncle holding a Tetris console and was literally leaning to his left and right. 


4. Japanese Landscape Art by Tatsuo Horiuchi

Tatsuo Horiuchi used Excel to create beautiful art. He started creating awesome masterpieces after he saw other people create one at work. Oh, did i mention that he is 74 years old? 


 5. Breathing City by DarkHorse Analytics

Manhattan somewhat looks like a lung-like city as described by the author. This piece of work looks very difficult to create...but it is. 


 6. Soduko by Bruce McPherson

Well this is one way to keep yourself busy or look busy at work. I bet your boss won't mind you solving puzzles...after all, it's in Excel. This Excel game is a solver and generator. 


Have one that you want to share or add? Put it in the comments below. 


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