Microsoft Word Features That I love - Part 2

Microsoft Word Features That I love - Part 2

Microsoft Word has been a great guide when building my paper. When it comes to writing content in my paper, the program has tools fit to use when I am facing a few difficulties while making my paper.

If I have any further questions on how Microsoft Word works, the program is equipped with a help button that can answer my questions during struggles with working with my document. This keeps me at ease when it comes to difficulties while making my paper. The spelling and grammar checks helps in highlighting any incorrect spellings or placement of words in my content. It also provides a thesaurus that gives synonyms that I can use if I want to change how a certain word sounds or looks in my paper. There is also a word count provided so I am able to keep track of how many words contain my paper, including the characters with and without spaces, paragraphs, and lines so I can get precise details in my content and check proofing errors too. 

Microsoft Word also ensures that I can gain access to any type of clarification I need to make my paper look better and according to the standards I have to meet when making my paper.

I can also have easy access to aligning my content. This includes the availability of adjusting the spacing, measurements of indentation, and the listing format of my document. I can also reposition any pictures I had inserted in my document, options for wrapping text is also provided. I get to review my work to see if there are changes that I need to make; I can compare and combine other documents with my own. I can also protect my document if the contents inside are confidential or not for people to see.